Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC)?

An Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) is a facility where surgeries that do not require inpatient hospitalization are performed. An ASC provides a safe, cost-effective, caring and convenient environment that is less stressful than a large hospital.

How is surgery scheduled?

Your surgeon’s office will contact the ASC to obtain a booking date. We will assign a tentative time; and a member of the ASC will contact you the day before the surgery with an exact time of arrival.

When should I arrive?

You will receive a call from our clinic the day before your scheduled surgery with a an exact arrival time. Typically, your arrival time will be 45 minutes prior to surgery; however all times are suject to change.

Is there assistance available at the ASC upon arrival?

Patients who need assistance upon arrival at the ASC should call our main number at 404.781.2800, and a nurse will be available to assist patients with wheelchairs, canes or walkers.

Will I be able to drive after my surgery?

If you are having surgery under general anesthesia, you cannot drive and must be accompanied home by a responsible adult. This policy is for your safety, and is strictly adhered to. If you are having surgery under local anesthesia, we strongly recommend you are accompanied by a responsible adult and are given a ride home.

Is public transportation available?

The Marta Bus line has a bus stop right in front of our clinic.

What should I wear?

Please dress in comfortable clothes and remove contact lenses and makeup. Please leave all jewelry and valuables at home (including rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, and money). We cannot be responsible for lost personal items.

What medications can I take?

Please take any morning doses of cardiac or blood pressure medications with a sip of water by 6:00 A.M. If you are a diabetic, please check your blood sugar before arrival. DO NOT take oral hyper-glycemics in the morning before surgery. If you are insulin dependent diabetic contact your physicians for preoperative instructions.

What should I bring the day of surgery?

On the day of surgery please have with you:

  • Government-Issued picture identification
  • All insurance cards and information with you.
  • List of medications, supplements, herbal preparations and vitamins that you take, including the dosages.
  • Any paperwork given to you by your surgeon.

How long will the procedure take?

The time of surgery will vary according to procedure, but an estimate can be determined during the preoperative interview.

What if I need to cancel my surgery?

If you need to cancel your surgery before your surgical date, please notify your surgeon’s office as soon as possible. If you need to cancel your surgery the day of surgery, please call the center at 404.781.2800.

What can I expect before surgery?

You will receive a phone call from the ASC nurse to review your health history and provide preoperative instructions. If necessary, you might be contacted by an anesthesiologist for an airway assessment.

What can I expect after surgery?

Before going home, you will receive written and verbal discharge instructions. Your doctor’s phone number will be included in case of emergency or complications after discharge.The following day, you will receive a follow up phone call from an ASC nurse to address any questions or concerns.

Will my family be able to visit me immediately after my procedure?

Due to the need for privacy, we suggest that a limit of one or two family members visit the patient during the postoperative phase. We are happy to give family members waiting in reception periodic updates on the patient’s condition.

How do I know if my insurance company will cover my surgery?

Please check with your insurance carrier to review your benefits and determine if pre-authorization is required. If you need assistance with this, please contact your physician’s office.

If I receive a check from my insurance carrier, what should I do?

Please bring the check to our office with the attached Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and endorse the back of the check with “For Deposit Only to Advance Pain Management ASC for Services Rendered” with your signature.


Mail the check to:

Advance Pain Management
2950 Stone Hogan Connector Road
Building A, Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30331

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