What is an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC)?

How is surgery scheduled?

When should I arrive?

What medications can I take?

Why Us?

Great Infrastructure

We bring you the state of the art infrastructure to reduce your pain.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

We are patient-friendly and take extreme care in providing superior medical equipment and services.

Cutting Edge Technology

State of the art treatments like medications, injection procedures and rehabilitation; patients at Advance Pain Management have a variety of options.

Today’s Tip from the Doctor


Do you feel like you are easily tired for a few months already? Just by exerting effort, your body feels exhausted easily. Are you feeling any joint pain or injury? Is your tiredness related with sleeping problems? Do you feel moody at work? All of these symptoms point to a health condition called chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dont just worry about the things you cannot help.

Eat Healthy, work better, do gardening.

Some relationships can kill you. Avoid them at the most.

Focus on the good things that you like

Eat Healthy, work better, do gardening.

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